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There is no better time to enter the marijuana business than right now. Analysts predict the marijuana market will become one of the biggest investment opportunities of the century, with some even going as far as to compare it to the recent smartphone boom. However, success is not as easy as it may seem. Marijuana laws are constantly evolving and differ between each state. Combine that with the headache of finding a legally compliant location, signage and labeling requirements, and keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory environment - things become increasingly complicated, time consuming and expensive. By going it alone, even the most driven and inspired businessperson may run out of steam, and money, trying to navigate the maze that is the cannabis industry. Happily, Canna Consumer Goods, Inc. is hard at work developing an infrastructure that creates a better path towards success. Not only do we believe in the power of cannabis, we believe in the power of combining the bootstrapping cannabis entrepreneur with a national company - one that is dedicated to enabling those entreneurial juices to flow.   

In addition to working with some really amazing cannabis companies, Canna Consumer Goods has also developed a line of unique branded products for market in all areas where marijuana can be distributed legally. These are turnkey products, only requiring the infusion and packaging process to be completed by the cannabis business/patient in compliance with their own state's laws and our standards of quality. A great selling cannabis infused product begins with the right ingredients, a well-thought-out branding package, and the ability to repeat your successes across the country as individual state laws allow. Then the power of a national advertising campaign and promotion can take hold and drive greater success. Contact us and let's discuss the future of your business.


Our Team

Mark Schaftlein

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Mark Schaftlein's company Capital Consulting, Inc. has been in business for 15 years.  They are a Private Equity Investment Company with a primary focus on small capitalization growth companies. Mr. Schaftein has been a Director of Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc. since February 14, 2011 and served as Chief Executive Officer of Westmark Group Holdings Inc. from May 1997 to March 2008 and President from May 1997 to May 2007. He served as a Director of Speedcom Wireless Corp. and has also been a Director of Nacel Energy Corporation since January 10, 2010.

Giselle Serrano

Vice President

Giselle Serrano has been the owner of Serrano Home Investments, Inc. a successful real estate company based in southern California, since 2005. Clients cite her insight, experience and company's collective market depth as the core reason for her company's prosperity. Prior to 2005, Ms. Serrano ownered and oversaw multiple automotive dealerships for over ten years.

Canna Consumer Goods

We are Canna Consumer Goods!

We are building a coordinated infrastructure customized to the quickly growing Cannabis Industry.

We DO NOT HANDLE, PROCESS or SELL MARIJUANA products, but seek to support people who do by providing targeted products needed for the small cannabis consumables business to get started and do well.


Mark Schaftlein

We are very proud of the branding of Washington's premiere sodas and we expect to roll out these and other products throughout WA State as well as other states very shortly.

Graciela Moreno

Access to consistent products over a geographic range has been a challenge resulting in only regionalized offerings from numerous suppliers. Companies that can provide a range of standardized products increases quality control while minimizing overhead. We look forward to furthering our plans of acquiring and bringing value to dispensaries and other strategic endeavors.


David Palmer

There is a very strong demand for premium infused products that are easily consumable. We expect the line of sodas to become a favorite amongst the community and welcome the level of professionalism that Canna Consumer Goods brings to this emerging industry.


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