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With the recent success of legalization in Colorado and Washington, many people have started seriously looking into the marijuana business. Those who read trends and prognosticate as to how we might live in the future tell us that marijuana-based businesses are likely to become one of the most financially lucrative opportunities going forward. But at the moment there are so many rules and regulations in place regarding the industry that most people have difficulty finding a place to start. Luckily, Canna Consumer Goods is here to help you become a distributor of medical-marijuana infused products. Many business-minded individuals have found that much of the hard work and uncertainty that comes with being a distributor can be avoided by associating with an established product company. With this arrangement the product development and most of the marketing research is already done for you. Canna Consumer Goods knows what will and will not sell from hard experience and can help guide you as start your new career.

Quality infused foods begin with the right ingredients, a well thought out branding package and website, and the ability to repeat successes across the country as individual state laws allow. Interested parties who wish to partner with us in their state must be approved on a case by case basis by a representative of Canna Consumer Goods and adhere to our quality standards.  Once you are approved we will ship you the package of materials that comprise whichever of our products you have chosen. The package may be ingredients or an almost-finished product, plus containers and labelling. Then you will infuse the products with medication. Our products are infused with various forms of cannabis, which we specify, but do not obtain for you. Canna Consumer Goods may assist you find a medical marijuana producer and extraction specialist who meets our quality requirements on a state by state basis. We require that our products, once infused, do not cross state lines, or fall into hands other than the predesignated, state law abiding entities, as approved by Canna Consumer Goods. Creators of our licensed products must follow and adhere to all other rules set forth by Canna Consumer Goods. Our products, once produced, must be lab tested as specified by Canna Consumer Goods (and most state laws) before being distributed to a legally licensed medical marijuana dispensary.  Canna Consumer Goods does NOT handle, process or sell marijuana products. Rather, we provide support as allowed by state law to the people who do, by providing the basics needed for their small cannabusiness to get started, minus the cannabis and license of course. In summary, we seek to lower the bar to entry for those wanting to get an infused product to dispensary shelves in their home state, in accordance with all state laws, by providing products and services proven to enhance today's cannabis businesses.

Canna Consumer Goods is a partner you can trust - we understand distribution and support you all the way. Our mission is making sure you not only succeed as our distributor, but flourish as well. As an official Canna Consumer Goods distributor, you will have access to all of our products and our distribution knowledge, as we will provide detailed instructions and consultation on how to set up your own production and/or distribution center. We show you how to assemble and infuse our products with the prescribed medication and distribute it to your locally licensed medical dispensaries. We make it simpler, since you don't have to deal with product development, branding, legal requirements. We also advertise and promote our brands nationally, will provide templates and advertising copy for you to use locally (if you wish to do so and your state allows local advertising) and therefore the prospects for your success are much better than they might be if you tried to do all of this alone.

Marijuana is a new and exciting field and we at Canna Consumer Goods want you to be a part of it. Working with us as a distributor, you will discover an endless supply of new opportunities and a chance to get in on the ground floor of something truly big. Contact us today and we will work together for the future.

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We are Canna Consumer Goods!

We are building a coordinated infrastructure customized to the quickly growing Cannabis Industry.

We DO NOT HANDLE, PROCESS or SELL MARIJUANA products, but seek to support people who do by providing targeted products needed for the small cannabis consumables business to get started and do well.


Mark Schaftlein

We are very proud of the branding of Washington's premiere sodas and we expect to roll out these and other products throughout WA State as well as other states very shortly.

Graciela Moreno

Access to consistent products over a geographic range has been a challenge resulting in only regionalized offerings from numerous suppliers. Companies that can provide a range of standardized products increases quality control while minimizing overhead. We look forward to furthering our plans of acquiring and bringing value to dispensaries and other strategic endeavors.


David Palmer

There is a very strong demand for premium infused products that are easily consumable. We expect the line of sodas to become a favorite amongst the community and welcome the level of professionalism that Canna Consumer Goods brings to this emerging industry.

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